Frequently Asked Questions: I am thinking of starting my own consulting business, however I have no previous experience in running my own business. What steps should I take? How much do I need to invest in my consulting business in order to get started? Realistically, how much can I expect to earn in my first year of business as a consultant?

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Extra resources: Things to consider before becoming a consultant, business start-up cost calculator, business plan writing assistance, market research services...

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Resources For Potential & Present Consultants

Thinking About It?

1If you haven’t yet taken your first steps in starting your consulting business, we have gathered resources and information for you to get started with the right foot forward.

Getting Started?

2Starting from scratch can be a daunting experience – but we believe that with the right tools, and good guidance, a starting consultant can more easily build the foundations for long-term success.

Building Your Business?

3Are you looking to develop the right framework for successful growth? We offer resources that may assist you in building and developing your consulting business.

Expanding Your Business?

4Once you have already built a solid foundation, the sky is the limit. We offer tools and services that might be the right thing for you to continuously expand your consulting business in a healthy way.

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